Oklahoma is known by many as the “crossroads of the nation” because three interstate highways intersect here, as well as Route 66. These highways extend more than a thousand road-miles. This means that commercial transport operators can find themselves facing problems in Oklahoma more often than many places. We understand that timely responses and accurate liability assessments are vital in transportation accidents.

Having represented trucking companies across the country, our attorneys have the expertise, skill and knowledge to take action when accidents occur. Recognizing the significance of immediate action, our attorneys provide a prompt response when you call. These cases often involve complex, novel issues of federal law, as well as catastrophic claims of personal injuries and insurance costs. The trucking and transportation attorneys are ready to respond to accidents with the necessary team of highly qualified experts on short notice in order to document and preserve critical evidence, interview witnesses and communicate with law enforcement and direct the investigation on behalf of our clients.

When litigation occurs, every decision we make, including every aspect of our investigation, pleadings and discovery is ultimately in preparation for trial. Our aggressive defense strategy often encourages early resolution of lawsuits through settlement negotiations in turn reducing our client’s exposure. Our clients are paramount, and our attorneys are prepared to protect them every step of the way.