Dram Shop Liability

For over 80 years, the lawyers at Rhodes Hieronymus have provided aggressive, smart, and cost-efficient representation to bar and restaurant owners facing dram shop liability claims. Oklahoma’s Dram Shop Act provides potential statutory action against businesses selling alcohol; anyone who has been injured by an alleged intoxicated person can accuse related entities in the business of selling alcohol.

We have successfully defended a wide array of alcohol providers, from large national chains to privately-owned establishments, directly and through their insurance carriers. Successful defense of these claims requires deep and intimate knowledge of the various elements of proof as well as the available defenses. Our lawyers closely follow the constantly evolving law in this specialized practice area.

We understand the significance of developing detailed information key to liability evaluation, including the amount, types, and times of alcohol consumed, drinking history, food consumption and how those factors affect intoxication and appearance. We have developed solid relationships with experts in forensic toxicology and experts in accident reconstruction so that critical issues can be determined from the outset, shaping the overall strategy for defending the allegations.