Premises Liability

In today’s litigious society, even a minor accident on your property can result in a prolonged lawsuit. Without proper legal representation, your business could face substantial costs, hurting its longevity.

Rhodes Hieronymus has aggressively defended the rights of those facing premises liability claims for over 80 years. Our defense attorneys represent property owners and others who are involved in lawsuits alleging defective or dangerous conditions which led to injuries or “alleged injuries.” We assist homeowners, businesses, general contractors, developers, design professionals, retail stores, convenience stores, and property owners against both claims of injury and property damage. More specifically, we represent businesses in defense of allegations of negligent security in parking lots and ramps, negligent maintenance of spills, injuries from shelves, and acts by third parties on your property.

We strive to resolve premises liability cases as efficiently as possible. To that end, our attorneys work to settle disputes through mediations, motion practice, and negotiations whenever possible. With that, we take a team approach to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.