Class Action Litigation

Rhodes Hieronymus is one of the leading firms in the region that defends class action litigation and defends them well. Class actions offer unique opportunities to limit liability at all stages of litigation. Our litigators are well-versed in the state and federal regulations and agency proceedings that often impact class action litigation. By taking an aggressive approach early, our litigators have been successful with challenging the pleadings and submitting offensive discovery to defeat class certification.

The attorneys at Rhodes Hieronymus combine their command of the rules and procedures governing class actions with an in-depth knowledge of the substantive areas of the law involved to provide clients with the best and most cost-efficient defense possible. Our attorneys have been successfully resolving cases after certification through, summary judgment and trial. We have obtained Court Orders dismissing class action suits with prejudice, denying certification motions, striking class members, depriving plaintiffs of the ability to file class motions, and obtained interlocutory review of certification orders.

Let Rhodes Hieronymus provide your company with its comprehensive class action defense services.