Environmental law is challenging, complex and requires skilled attorneys to yield positive results. The attorneys at Rhodes Hieronymus are equipped and experienced to handle matters involving environmental litigation, including issues of contamination of groundwater, contamination arising from “green technology” or products, as well as allegations of sick building syndrome and mold contamination involving commercial, residential, industrial, governmental, condominium complexes, condo-apartment conversions, planned developments, school districts and university housing, including those arising out of the oil and gas sector.

We defend against common-law and statutory toxic tort claims for damage to real property and personal injury, litigating many novel legal issues in Oklahoma. When faced with potential environmentally-related claims, it’s good to know that you have a team of attorneys with extensive environmental regulation and litigation experience standing by.

Our recent experience with environmental matters:

  • Several lawsuits involving claims of defective production casing in long-lateral fracking wells;
  • Surface and water damage caused by spills of oil or produced water;
  • Air pollution and personal injury attributed to petroleum refining;
  • Leaks and ruptures of underground pipelines
  • Personal injury, air and surface pollution blamed on industrial smokestack emissions;
  • Air, water and surface damages arising out of ongoing and historical mining of minerals;
  • Widespread personal injury linked by plaintiffs to release of toxic gases from a manufacturing plant.
  • Defense of agriculture in a series of lawsuits alleging decades-long destruction of an entire watershed.

We have defended cases involving environmental claims brought by the federal government, state government, Indian tribes, corporations and individuals.  We would welcome an opportunity to discuss environmental claims you may face.