Insurance Coverage/Bad Faith

From coverage to complex bad faith litigation, we help insurance industry clients navigate this region’s labyrinth of legal opinions complicating first and third-party coverage claims. Whether in trial or appellate court, we represent property, casualty, and specialized groups in matters ranging from bad faith litigation to declaratory judgments, as well as subrogation and indemnification actions.

In addition to litigation, we act as monitoring counsel in high-stakes and catastrophic actions. Our philosophy is a double-pronged approach which relies upon advocacy and client education. We believe that learning the hallmarks of the region’s decisions are a proactive approach to today’s insurance defense.

Our attorneys can provide take or defend actions on behalf of clients, as well as provide coverage opinions, review coverage decisions, mediate disputes, review and revise endorsements, as well as provide risk management. We are equipped to handle coverage law and bad faith litigation and address client concerns.