Larry D. Henry

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Larry Henry graduated, with distinction, from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1970. While in law school, he served on the Iowa Law Review and as a research assistant to the faculty. Upon leaving law school, he entered the Army JAGC and received substantial trial experience handling over 2,000 court martials and administrative hearings. At the age of 29, as a result of his criminal trial experience he was retained to defend one of the principal defendants in the Home Stake Securities Fraud case, which at the time was the largest securities fraud case in United States history.

From that time, he has continued a civil trial practice. In the early 1980s, he and his firm decided that a trial lawyer could render better employment law advice because the lawyer knows how the facts are viewed in court and by a jury. It was at that time that he focused his practice on employment law and has continued to try employment cases in federal and state courts, both in and outside the State of Oklahoma. At the same time, he began representation of a company that desired to provide background checks for prospective employees. This subject matter complemented his employment law practice.

Since that time, Mr. Henry has become involved in all areas of employment law as well as representing several companies that operate nationwide providing employee background reports. Mr. Henry’s practice focuses on advising employers employment law matters, including issues related to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the law governing background checks. He is nationally known for his expertise in the FCRA and employment law matters. He is admitted to the Oklahoma and Iowa Bar Associations, all Oklahoma federal district courts, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

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